Beautiful outdoor spaces will help sell your home

Selling your home? Don't forget to make the front and back yards just as attractive as the interior of the home. Curb appeal is hugely important when selling and a home with a beautifully landscaped yard will sell a lot quicker than one that is unkempt and full of weeds.

Before putting your home on the market, spend time transforming the backyard into an inviting space. An attractive and functional backyard is like adding another room to your property and you want buyers to see that value. Then, when your home is on the market and you're having an open house, make sure to set up the patio or deck as if you were entertaining. This will keep visitors outside longer and will allow them to see how they can use the space.

Here are more ideas on how you can make your property shine when selling your home:

Clear out the clutter: Remove any toys, gardening equipment or broken patio furniture that would prevent buyers from seeing your yard at its best.

Make your house easy to find: Replace house numbers that are damaged or too small to see from the curb of your house. You want viewers to think the house would be easy to locate if they lived there. Also, add outdoor lighting so the house appears welcoming for evening viewings.

To reno or not to reno: Your Realtor can help you decide the resale value of adding a deck or redoing the patio before you put the house up for sale. Some renovations can add monetary value while others will not be worth your while spending the time or money.

Throw in extras: If you have attractive outdoor furniture pieces, consider including them in the sale to the new owner. This is a great idea if you're moving to downsize and won't have room for the items. Let potential buyers know that their new backyard oasis is set up and ready for when they move in.

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