High-tech overhauls for your bathroom

Bathrooms continue to be one of most often updated rooms in a home. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is used on a daily basis and a major remodel will often see a high return on investment. These are factors that many homeowners consider when choosing a home improvement project.

So what are the latest trends in bathroom design? According to a recent survey conducted by Houzz, a website and online community about interior design, decor and home improvements, high-tech features are on the rise in updated master bathrooms!

Rather than choosing basic, economical fixtures, the majority of homeowners are opting to splurge on high-end features for the bathroom, in everything from faucets to flooring. Many are forgoing the tub altogether and reconfiguring their space to include spacious walk-in showers, complete with double rain showerheads, heated tile and touch-screen operated water controls. Upgraded high-tech toilets frequently include self-cleaning functions, motion-activated seats and built-in nightlights. Where bathtubs are included, luxury features such as built-in lighting, heated backrests and scented mist dispensers are becoming popular.

According to the experts at Houzz, homeowners are likely adding these luxurious touches given the amount of time they spend in their master bathrooms – 60 percent occupy this room for 30-60 minutes daily, and nearly a quarter are there for over an hour a day!

Most bathroom renovations being tackled nowadays are major overhauls, with four in five renovating homeowners replacing major bathroom features, including flooring (91 percent), countertops (89 percent), sinks (88 percent) and showers (87 percent).

These remodels certainly don't come with a small price tag. Two in five renovating homeowners spend $10,000 - $25,000 (US) on master bathroom renovations. Interestingly, only a third budget for that amount!

The survey also found that the majority of homeowners are forgoing a DIY project and turning to the experts. 90 percent of homeowners said they hired professionals to help with their bathroom projects in 2016, versus just 78 percent in 2015.

You can download the full U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study at

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