Neighbour etiquette



Our relationships with other people help define who we are and a good relationship with your neighbour is no different. You have invested a lot of time and money into your home and filled it with your loved ones and your most prized possessions, so why not extend this way of thinking into the community. A strong and safe neighbourhood depends on the people living in it. Investing in a positive relationship will benefit everyone.



One of the easiest ways to prevent problems is to stop them before they begin. Taking a few minutes to be friendly with a simple hello or a smile can go a long way in developing a good relationship with your neighbours. Be approachable so your neighbours are comfortable coming to you if an issue arises. Being able to talk out problems will go a long way in maintaining your relationship.


Reconcile Problems

Keep in mind your relationship is what you make of it. You should be comfortable approaching your neighbour if there is a problem, but looking at the big picture. A good neighbour is a blessing. Disagreements can happen, but taking the time to work it out will only benefit you in the end.  


Be Respectful

Consider their lifestyle. Being respectful of noise levels can levels can go a long way in cultivating a good relationship. Saving noisy lawn work for afternoons and keeping quieter evenings will help neighbours overlook nights you wish to entertain late. Respect each other’s privacy. Your neighbours don’t want to hear your business as much as you don’t want to share it.

Finally don’t be the person everyone on the block is talking about. Control pets, share parking spaces and maintain your lawn. 



Having a good relationship will not only eliminate stress, it will also make your home and community safer. Knowing people around you can give you a sense of security and can make you feel more secure when you are away from home. Not to mention many neighbours become great friends.

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