The benefit of new windows

When it comes to buying a new home it seems everyone has two lists – the “We absolutely can’t live without it” list and the “Nice to have but we’re willing to live without it” list. However, there are some features of a home that you should really think twice about before downgrading them to the ‘nice to have’ list. Windows are a very important feature both functionally and aesthetically in a home, so when it comes to deciding on a purchase, which list will new windows fall under?


The exterior and interior of any home can change drastically with the installation of new windows. Aesthetically they give a clear view of the outside, provide natural brightness in the home and can make any space seem larger. While the physical appeal that windows can bring to a space is undoubtedly a draw, there are some other very practical and cost efficient reasons to appreciate new installations that go beyond curb appeal – especially in an older home. Here is more information, courtesy of


What are the benefits of new windows?


  • UV protection of walls, floors and furnishings
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced sound transmission
  • Improved security
  • Improved comfort


As any homeowner knows, there are many hidden costs when purchasing a home as well as regular maintenance and potential problems that can go wrong and end up being very costly such as a broken furnace, leaky roof or broken appliances just to name a few. New windows can be very costly and keeping older windows can not only devalue the home but also cost more in heating and cooling. Today’s new windows are designed to harmonize with a home’s look and personality and will save homeowners frustration, annual repair and upkeep costs and reduce energy costs by up to 35 per cent.


Not only will new windows provide energy efficiencies and reduce noise from entering or leaving the home, they also offer additional security from potential break-ins. The simple fact that most new windows are made from vinyl or fiberglass also means that you don’t have to worry about painting and cleaning is far easier.


Older windows can lead to greater costs down the road such as loss of heat and cold air and potential moisture and mould build-up that can lead to further structure damage. Loose seals can create drafty areas in the home and allow heat to escape and cold air, dust and insects to enter.


Once you weigh the pros and cons of new windows versus the original and size up the potential costs down the road, you may want to add new windows to your ‘must have’ list. The cost and frustration you save yourself can help you to truly enjoy your dream home all year round.


For more information, visit, a website created by the Ontario Real Estate Association to educate homeowners about the buying and selling process. 

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