Tips for tackling a long distance move

While moving is almost guaranteed to be a busy and somewhat stressful experience, moving a long distance has the potential for downright chaos. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when planning your big move.

Be selective when purging – Yes, you definitely will want to get rid of a lot of stuff, especially considering most companies charge by weight for long distance moves. But do a little research before ditching items – if it's more expensive to replace the item in your new city, then it makes more sense to have it shipped.

Truck rental, moving company or moving containers - This is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. Should you rent a truck and drive your possessions yourself, hire a traditional moving company or are you better off packing everything into shipping containers? Look into each option carefully. Some companies provide no-charge, in-home estimates so you can get an accurate idea of the cost.

Take your time packing – As with any move, there's a chance of items being mishandled. When moving across the country, there's an even greater risk. Wrap furniture well, protecting corners and edges, pack extremely fragile items with bubble wrap or keep them with you and never pack food items, plants or liquids for long distance moves.

Save receipts – If the move is work-related, you may be entitled to a tax deduction come April, so be sure to save a copy of all receipts, from packing materials, to movers, to travelling expenses.

Plan for the worst – You never know what's going to happen from point A to point B, so keep some necessities on hand. Pack a box of essentials to get you through the first week, if the need arises – you'll need a few outfits for each family member, toiletries, blankets and some basic kitchen items.

Decide what to do with your car – Your options are to sell it, ship it or drive it. It's not even an option for a family with a three-month old baby to embark on a 3,000 kilometre road trip but if you're on your own or have older children, a cross-country journey might be an incredible opportunity! Shipping a vehicle is quite expensive but might be the better option if purchasing a new vehicle isn't in the budget.







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