Transforming your kitchen from boring to brilliant!

Spring is here and with it usually comes the itch to do some major household cleaning. If your kitchen is looking a little drab and tired these days, take this opportunity to do a little sprucing up as well and bring your kitchen from boring and outdated to modern and fresh, without breaking the bank!


Start with a fresh coat of paint. It's amazing what a couple $30 gallons of paint can do to a room! Check your local paint retailers for cabinet paint or stains. There are so many new paint formulas on the market just for this purpose – and many where you don't have to prep the cabinets beforehand! No sanding or primer needed – just paint. Can't get easier than that.


Another cost-effective way to update your kitchen is by installing a new backsplash. The job is definitely one even the most inexperienced handyman can pull off on their own, with a little research and a plan of attack. Consider a tin tile backsplash for a unique metallic look, try the new peel and stick tiles that look remarkably like the real thing or try your hand at installing a ceramic backsplash in one of the mosaic tile patterns that are so popular right now.


Replacing your cabinet hardware can have a major impact on the entire look of your kitchen. Door and drawer pulls come in many options, so select carefully to complement your overall design. And if you've selected a modern brushed nickel handle and it doesn't feel harmonious with your old wood doors, consider refinishing the doors using some of the tips listed below.


If your cabinets scream 1970, consider staining or bleaching them to help make them more contemporary. Pickled or whitewashed finishes are currently popular. This is where white pigment is rubbed into an unfinished wood to lighten the appearance of the cabinets. A pickled finish looks great in a contemporary or country setting when applied to a traditional-style cabinet.


Simple DIY fixes, no matter how small, can make a world of difference!


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