What’s hot in kitchen design?

Home design, much like fashion, is constantly evolving. Granite, just five or six years ago considered the epitome of luxury kitchen design, is now out of favour and quartz is the new standard of excellence. 


If you have a major kitchen renovation in your future or just like to keep up to date on kitchen design, the experts at Zillow Digs have compiled a Home Trend Forecast outlining the biggest kitchen trends for 2016. 


What’s hot in kitchen design?


Tuxedo kitchen cabinets - Long gone are the days of perfectly matching cabinetry. Homeowners are starting to take bigger design risks in the kitchen. Expect to see a rise in tuxedo, or two-toned painted cabinets where the top and bottom doors are painted in complimentary colours such as navy blue and soft gray or beige.


Hidden appliances - While stainless steel appliances are still a popular choice, they can feel cold and industrial at times. Over the next year, experts predict a rise in hidden appliance solutions, such as microwave drawers or covered refrigerators, for a kitchen aesthetic that's more approachable and comfortable.


Wood paneling (shiplap or barn board) - It's no secret that homeowners love farmhouse kitchens. Experts predict wood paneling, often painted in white, to start popping up in anything from backsplashes to ceilings, bringing a comfortable yet chic design aesthetic to the kitchen.


Mixed hardware finishes - Homeowners are becoming comfortable using hardware finishes other than stainless steel, and are even mixing and matching metals for a more eclectic look. From gold to rose gold or black, beautiful hardware accents look like jewelry for the kitchen.


What’s passé in kitchen design?


Speckled granite
- Homeowners are no longer limited to granite, which can stain and can be hard to maintain. Brown and tan speckled granite, specifically, is phasing out as more countertop materials and styles become available. Quartz, marble and even butcher block are rising in popularity.


Short cabinets
- Tall cabinetry gives the illusion that a kitchen is bigger and brighter, so experts predict homeowners to replace shorter top row cabinets with ones that are flush with the ceiling. 


Dark brown wood and paint colours
- Light and bright kitchens will only continue to pick up steam over the next year, meaning dark or cherry wood cabinets will continue to fade out of style.  


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